Catalysm CSGO config

Autoexec with scripts and binds for Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO).

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Autoexec for Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) including scripts and binds.

This includes my personal controls! Make sure to delete these lines or change them to yours because you will lose your current settings.

The best thing to do is look at everything in this repo and copy what you want to your own autoexec.

What is an autoexec?

An autoexec (automatic execute) is a config file which will run every time you start CSGO. This has multiple benefits

An autoexec can have as many (or as little) settings as you want. In this project I have split it up into different files for improved readability and to make it easier to find the settings you want.



Copy the csgo folder of this repo to the one in your csgo installation. When asked to overwrite, answer yes.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg

It will automatically execute all commands when you start your game. If you’re having trouble you can reload the script by writing exec autoexec to console.


Buys an AK/M4 and drops it.

Enables the noob-tips. This will show a tooltip above the bomb, useful for finding it inside a smoke.

Cycles through crosshairs. See the misc file to configure your own crosshair(s).

Very useful to mute cyka blyat teammates during clutches.

Toggles rapid fire mode. This will rebind your mousewheel to shooting. Combine this with dualies/tec-9 for maximum power.

Opens the SourceMod admin menu.

Inspect your weapon everytime you shoot. Because lol.

Toggle noclip

Instantly disconnects you from current server

Shows the quit prompt.


Radio menu commands

The radio menus have been customized with commands and scripts. The 10 man commands are from Splewis Pug Setup

Radio client Radio bot Radio 10man Radio training

Other controls

These are located in cata-controls.cfg. Change to your desired keys

Text binds

Located in cata-text.cfg


Make an issue on Github.

What if the autoexec is not running on startup?

This can have multiple causes and luckily there’s a couple of fixes!


I took a lot of info from other configs. Check those out aswell!


Please don’t blindy copy and paste, it WILL override your settings (controls, binds, crosshair, viewmodel). Delete what you don’t want or change to your own values! Be careful when using the jump throw script! It is banned on ESEA (and possibly other services aswell). Do your own research to make sure!